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Deeping Fudge gives BBC's Matt Baker an energy boost!

Posted on Fri 18 Nov 2011 (11:07am)

The BBC’s very own Matt Baker passed through Deeping St James on his way to Peterborough on Wednesday night, 16th November 2011. Matt was exhausted from the gruelling 73 mile journey from Lincoln to Peterborough, so Les and Wynne gave him a much-needed delicious boost with a box of Deeping Fudge’s finest hand made caramel fudge. It’s estimated that Matt will burn over 9000 calories a day during the challenge, so we’re confident the yummy fudge will give him some extra energy to help with his challenge!

Matt Baker Children in Need - Image (c) BBC - Pete Dadds


Matt Baker for Children in Need

Image (c) BBC – Pete Dadds

Matt Baker is raising money for Children in Need by pedalling a rickshaw over 484 miles, from Edinburgh to London. He started his journey on Friday 11th November, and is due to arrive in London in time for The One Show’s fundraising broadcast tonight.

You can follow Matt’s journey through the BBC website:

Good luck, Matt!

To find out more about BBC’s Children in Need campaign and to donate to a good cause, visit:



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